20180317_070444I returned from Brisbane on Saturday. It was my second trip to Australia and was a much easier trip than the first time around. I knew what to expect, I slept on the plane, and I didn’t vomit. In fact, this is the first of three recent international trips on which I have not vomited. That alone was enough to promote this trip to the top of the list. Well, that and more kangaroo time.


Thoughts I had while traveling to or from (on the 12+ hour flight) or through Australia:

  • Someone needs to invent a gadget that makes it possible to attach my phone or tablet to the back of the seat in front of me on the plane to reduce tech neck pain while binge-watching videos in flight
  • I should have invested in active noise-cancelling headphones a long, long time ago
  • Coffee tastes better in Australia; something I believed the first time visiting the country and confirmed the second time
  • I wonder if using the same lavatory on the plane (as opposed to hopping around to different ones based on whichever one is available) reduces the likelihood of picking up a cold or other illness
  • They have the most amazing birds that are reminiscent of prehistoric creatures
  • The sounds those birds make in the morning is utterly astounding — screaming, cawing, trilling sounds that I had all but forgotten in the span of 19 months since my last visit
  • Jet lag is hard; it takes me three days to stop being crabby and six days to feel normal again



Things I learned — or knew at one time, forgot, and re-learned — while in Australia:

  • Australians do not have squirrels, wolves, bears or mountain lions
  • Koalas poop 140+ times per day
  • Australia is a much younger country than the U.S. — founded in 1901; claimed by the British in the late eighteenth century, but occupied by indigenous Australians for thousands of years prior to the arrival of the British
  • When you order a coffee, they ask if you want a mug or a cup — that is, a large or a small
  • When crossing the street, look right, then left — the opposite of what you do in the U.S.
  • When driving on the opposite side of the street, one tip helped me remember which lane to enter when making a turn at an intersection: “big rights, little lefts”
  • Brisbane has a nice collection of art scattered throughout the city

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